Daikatana’s Story

January 12, 2006

Im sure most gamers remember Daikatana, John Romero’s famous FPS that was going to be a revolution in gaming. Most of us should be able to remember all the hype that was built around it, the delays it experienced and the huge dissapointment it was.

Well I found an interesting article called “Knee Deep in a Dream: The Story of Daikatana” Its quite a good read. I talks about when Romero and Co started setting up Ion Storm, the turbulent development process that the game went through and the problems that development company faced.

Read it on Gamespot.com over here: Knee Deep In a DreamĀ 

Commercial Failures in Gaming

January 12, 2006

On Wikipedia there is an article on the biggest commercial failures in computer and video gaming. Very interesting read, take a few minutes to read it.

Link: Failures in Video Gaming

Innovation: Does Size Matter?

January 10, 2006

Gamespot has a good article on innovation in games and why it seems that the innovative games don’t often make it in this industry.

Read it here: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6141548.html